SMS loan with extension

You have taken an sms loan and the due date for the bill is in two days. You will only receive your salary in a week.

This is a relatively common situation for our customers and because we care about our customers we have responded to the feedback we have received by offering sms loans with extension of the due date. Read on to see what sms with extension means and how you can benefit from this.


Message loans offer SMS loans with an extension

Message loans offer SMS loans with an extension

The fact that you can extend the due date of a sms loan means that you can change the due date of individual bills once every 30 days. However, please note that you cannot extend the due date for the larger loan amounts with repayment periods of 1-3 years.

Remember that you should never aim for sms loans with an extension because an extension of the term of the loan entails extra costs for you. Always aim to repay the loan before the original maturity of the loan expires.


How to extend an SMS loan with Message Loans?

SMS loan with Message Loans?

Once you have received your application, you will be able to log in to My Message Loan with the PIN code you receive from our customer service. There you can see all the loans that you have taken and you can click on the loan for which you wish to extend the term. Our system will register your request and our customer service will send you a confirmation email with the new due date when we have received your request to extend your SMS loan.

NOTE! All invoices must be renewed no later than the due date of the invoice. You cannot extend an invoice that has already expired.


What does an SMS loan with an extension cost?

What does an SMS loan with an extension cost?

When you extend your loan with us you need to pay a handling fee. The handling fee is invoiced separately and sent to you by mail as a new invoice. The price for the handling fee is determined by how many days you choose to move on the due date. The loan capital must be paid with the payment information of the original invoice.

If the loan has been taken with more installments than one, a change will not affect the rest of the installments. The rest of the payments must be handled as per previous agreement and due date. Any questions after the due date should be asked to Savers Debt Collection. Svea takes care of Messaging Loan billing and debt collection.

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